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Property Owners

Managing a property day after day requires a lot of personal time and effort and it is usually a stressful task, particularly if you live away from your investment or if your property is an older model.

Our property management division will ensure a hassle free process when it comes to looking after your property.

We manage properties of many sizes, from individual homes to multi-unit dwellings, from unfurnished to furnished houses etc. – our hands-on approach will not disappoint you. With the backing of our reputed and trusted service we will ensure best tenants are placed in your property as per your requirements so you can rest easy and devote your precious time and effort on other things that are just as important and valuable to you.

Why choose us

How to switch your property management to Jupiter Realty



Why Choose Us

Whether you own an investment property to supplement your income in the short term or to gain capital growth in the long term, it requires a great amount of time, effort, industry knowledge and property management expertise to ensure that you obtain the maximum yield and capital growth possible from your property. If this commitment is not well managed it can lead to loss of valuable income and diminished return for you in the long term. To be able to take all the advantages of the current and emerging market, we at Jupiter Realty very much encourage you to contact us to discuss the options that we can offer to manage your most valuable real estate asset on your behalf to generate the most profitable outcome for you.

We already possess immense skills and experience in helping and enabling our existing clients to enjoy a sustainable rental income by securing most suitable tenants paying the right amount of rent for their property - from large family homes to smaller granny flats. And we can promise the very best outcome in this regard for you as well. In addition to our skills and experience, we also have access to modern and renowned technologies designed for the real estate business. As a property owner or landlord registered in our database you will have access to some of these technologies through our website that will allow you full-time online access to important information and documents pertaining to your assets stored securely in a central server. And for your added benefit, these technologies will offer us a wide range of alternatives for successfully conducting our property management and marketing programs on your behalf, such as enabling us to quickly list your properties on our very own website and make them available to the market in the shortest time possible to maximise your chances of success at generating interest and attracting the most appropriate tenant. To further increase your chances of success we will go to the extent of making such listings visible and accessible through other prominent websites in order to attract the attention of an even wider market. As our valuable client we will ensure that your properties enjoy a much bigger exposure they rightfully deserve as they are primed to compete successfully in a much wider market. Even though we are confident about our current mix of marketing strategies that has been proved to be successful, we always adopt a personalised approach to every campaign to be able to obtain the maximum yield possible from any investment property entrusted to our care.

Our business in real estates is all about your success. Our prime vision is to focus on providing exceptional customer service to you. We believe that your success as a happy and satisfied landlord or a proud owner of a property portfolio will eventually become our success at developing a positive long lasting relationship between you, your tenants and us. In providing this service to you, we will aim to minimise to the extent possible your time and effort required in any property related dealings we undertake on your behalf. We are therefore determined to provide you a positive real estate experience and we invite you to take advantage of our truly customer oriented service offerings.

Please browse through other areas of our website for more information about our services in general. And should you wish to have a friendly chat with us then please consult the ‘Contact Us’ section for our contact detail. You can also submit a detailed request via the contact form attached therein.


How to switch your property management to Jupiter Realty

Switching your property management to Jupiter Realty is an easy 2 step process which won’t cost you a cent and won’t affect any existing tenancy lease.

Step 1:
Notice period is usually 30 days.

Check current Managing Agent Agreement (this is the agreement between landlord and Agent) to find out how much notice you need to give your current agent.  Notice is normally defined in clause 2, located on the front page of the standard REINSW agreement – click on the following link to see exactly where it is located > REINSW Agreement

Step 2:
Leave the remaining important task to Jupiter Realty.

We will take full responsibility for liaising and finalising the switch with your outgoing agent on your behalf – and there is no cost for this service to you. We will arrange to have you simply sign the termination letter (a standard template) and we will then forward this to the outgoing agent. We will collect the landlord’s file, keys and lease documents from the outgoing agent ourselves. Once the switch is finalised, we will provide you with Jupiter Realty Management Agency Agreement. You will then stand to be rewarded with the benefits of Jupiter Realty’s effective, efficient, professional, trouble free management service.

Please note: when the tenants are already in place, there would be no letting/leasing fee.

That’s it – it’s that easy.